What to Expect...

We are very pleased that you have joined us.  The following information is meant to help you feel comfortable when you worship with us.

Order of Service:  Our worship follows a liturgical form.  The order is outlined for you in the worship folders that are handed out by our ushers.  Page numbers or hymn numbers refer to service elements in our red hymnals (Christian Worship), where music notations can be found in addition to the texts printed in this worship folder.

Offering:  Please do not feel obligated to take part in the offering, although you are free to do so.  We simply welcome you as our guest to hear about Jesus.

Friendship Register:  During the offering our members and guests fill out the Friendship Register located at the end of the pew.  We ask that you sign your name and give your address and home church.  If we can be of further assistance or if you are looking for a church home, please let us know by checking “Interested in Membership” or “Pastor Visit.”

Lord’s Supper: We recognize that in the Lord’s Supper, God gives us an extraordinary gift… Jesus’ own body and blood to reassure us of our forgiveness and to strengthen our faith. It is however, a gift that is given with certain responsibilities. It is for those who are prepared to receive it, and who understand what they are receiving.  It is also a way for us to express a unity in faith. Therefore, we ask  that only members of church bodies that we are in fellowship with (WELS and ELS) receive communion. Others are asked to talk with a pastor about our beliefs prior to receiving the Lord’s Supper.

For Your Convenience: Rest rooms, a drinking fountain, and a room for quieting small children are all located in the lower level of the church.  Follow the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. Large print hymnals and audio amplifiers are available from the ushers.  If you have questions or need help, please ask an usher or greeter in the back of the church. 

God bless your worship with us!